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Discovering Your Roots in Elgin


Discovering Your Roots in Elgin:


A Guide to Genealogical Resources in
Elgin County, Ontario

James L. McCallum
Edited by Jean Bircham
Web presentation by Bruce C. Johnson Jr.



Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Brief Outline of the History of Elgin County
Chapter 2
Place Names in Elgin County
Chapter 3 Elgin County Cemeteries
Chapter 4 Census Records
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Church Records
Chapter 7 Vital Statistics (Other than Church records
Chapter 8 Land Records
Chapter 9 Wills and Estate Files
Chapter 10 Directories and Maps
Chapter 11 Assessment Rolls, CollectorsRolls, and Voters’ Lists
Chapter 12 Womens Institutes’ Tweedsmuir Histories and Local Histories
Chapter 13 Institutions, Societies, and Organizations
Chapter 14 Family Histories
Chapter 15 Military Records
Chapter 16 Court Records




Elgin County Branch O.G.S. would like to acknowledge those persons and institutions that have assisted in the compilation of this publication especially the following: Don Carroll, Max Doan, Karen Dunn, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Elgin County Library, Robert G. Moore, St. Thomas Public Library, and the West Elgin Genealogical and Historical Society.




The concept for a publication outlining the resources available for genealogical research in Elgin County was developed after viewing the works created by several other organizations, and is intended to provide a guide for genealogists searching for information about their ancestors and relatives in Elgin.

The need for such a guide was recognized by the Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society while considering the various repositories within the County and many publications and indexes that have been created. This book has been divided into sixteen chapters, outlining the most common resources consulted in genealogical research.

Researchers must be aware that not all materials pertaining to Elgin County have been listed. New materials are constantly being added to each institution and organization. Also there are resources of a general nature encompassing provincial or national material that will refer to Elgin County or area in them (eg. Men of Upper Canada: Militia Nominal Rolls 1828 - 1829 by Bruce Elliott., 1995).

Genealogical research in Elgin County has benefited from the fact that a large quantity of primary and secondary resource material has been microfilmed, either by the Elgin County Library, the St. Thomas Public Library, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In addition, many records have been indexed and/or completely transcribed and widely available in public libraries.

The Elgin County Library’s collection of microfilm is no doubt the largest within the county, a large portion of which has been transferred to the Elgin County Archives, located in the same building. Duplicate copies of some of their collection can be found in their branch libraries throughout the county.

Although county restructuring occurred on 1 January 1998, we will refer to the townships, villages, town of Aylmer and the city of St. Thomas that existed before this change. In addition, a civic addressing system has been implemented throughout the county (911 numbers). We have tried to supply the changed names as much as possible as well as giving the original road names. Some roads have changed names after 1998.

Throughout this book many microfilm numbers have been given, and are identified by abbreviation to which institution they belong, as follows:

              ECA - Elgin County Archives

ECL - Elgin County Library
STPL - St. Thomas Public Library
LDS - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Most abbreviations should be self-explanatory. Other abbreviations, mostly relating to physical descriptions of locations that are from Southwold,, are found throughout this book as follows:

UN - Union Road
BR - Broken Front
TREB - Talbot Road East Branch (now Fingal Line)
TRNB - Talbot Road North Branch (now Talbot Line)
RG - Range
ERR - East of River Road
NTR - North Talbot Road
SG - South Gore
NG - North Gore
NSTR - North Side of Talbot Road East Branch
STR - South side of Talbot Road East Branch

The Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society was formed in 1982 and meets on the first Monday of each month except July, August, and December, in the Carnegie Room of the St. Thomas Public Library, 153 Curtis St., St. Thomas, at 7:30 p.m. Meetings are open to the public. The branch’s library collection is housed in the George Thorman Room at St. Thomas Public Library. A newsletter, The Talbot Times, is published quarterly. The library holdings of Elgin O.G.S. will be mentioned throughout this publication.

The Society can be contacted at:

Elgin County Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society
Box 20060
St. Thomas, Ontario N5P 4H4

web page: www.elginogs.ca


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© Ontario Genealogical Society, Elgin County Branch

September 1999

Published by Ontario Genealogical Society

Elgin County Branch