Major Canadian genealogical societies

List of the major Canadian genealogical societies

Genealogy is sciences which make the modern world know about the lineage of the family of the community they are studying. It is also known to be the history of the family studies as it traces the ancient lineages in the modern societies. There are many attempts which are made to make sure that the correct lineage is traced and this is also important that because a single wrong trace can alter the outcome of the studies. Interviews, genetic studies, and interviews are carried out to get the work done. The outcome in most of the cases is a chart which represents the correct lineage and in some cases, it can also be a narrative.

The Ontario Genealogical Society

The society is highly recommended if you want to trace your correct lineage. The work of the society is great and it targets the specific events and the lineage which can be drawn from it. The communities from all over Ontario are studied to make sure that the people get to know who they are. The society also urges the people to become its volunteers so that the word can be spread overall. The education classes about the Genealogy are also carried out by the society to make sure that the students develop a sense of understanding.

Jewish Immigrant Aid Services

Jewish Immigrant Aid ServicesAs the name of the society shows it is the single most dominant society in Canada to make sure that the Jew lineage is traced. The Holocaust was the single most deadly event which is though highly controversial but still studied to this day. The organization is abbreviated as JIAS and it has offices all over Canada. The main office of the organization is located in Toronto. The society was established in 1922 and since then it has rapidly developed into a forefront of Jew lineage.

The United Empire Loyalists

The outbreak of the American Revolution is something that has changed the lives of many people of North America. The best part of the society is that it studies those lineages which are related to the 13 colonies and the people that were settled there. These 13 colonies are now known as Canada and therefore the society actually traces the lineages of the people of Canada. It also lets them know about their history and what their ancestors were like. The directives of the society are mentioned in their mission statement which can be easily obtained from their website.

Royal Heraldry Society of Canada

It is another society which makes sure that the interest in heraldry is promoted among the people of Canada. It is abbreviated as RHSC and was founded in 1922. In 2002 it got the government support and expanded the course of work to other fields in Genealogy. It is an organization which has the highest number of members among other Genealogy societies in Canada. Alan Beddoe was the founding president of the society. There are 500 members of the society which mainly work for the data collection. The organization has 6 regional branches which arrange lectures on Genealogy and heraldry.