Major Canadian genealogical societies


Genealogy is sciences which make the modern world know about the lineage of the family of the community they are studying. It is also known to be the history of the family studies as it traces the ancient lineages in the modern societies. There are many attempts which are made to make sure that the correct lineage is traced and this is also important that because a single wrong trace can alter the outcome of the studies. Interviews, genetic studies, and interviews are carried out to get the work done. The outcome in most of the cases is a chart which represents the correct lineage and in some cases, it can also be a narrative. Read More

The mesmerizing history of Port Stanley

Historical places

Elgin County, Canada has quite a mesmerizing history, through the fact that at some point in the modern history it separated from a larger administrative division, and took the name of the general governor of Canada at that time, Lord Elgin. It all begins in 1788, in Upper Canada with the territories of fifteen counties from the present time. However, the most emblematic point of the district is Port Stanley, a key point from the Lake Eerie to other inland waters. Located on the northern shore of the lake, where Kettle Creek begins, Port Stanley is an important touristic region in Ontario. Explored by travellers and adventurers in the 17th and 18th centuries, it served initially as a landing spot for European travellers and a camping refugee as well. It was established by Adrien Jolliet, the brother of the notorious explorer Louis Jolliet in 1669. About 200 years later, in 1812, a community named Kettle Creek was established by John Bostwick, a prominent upper-Canadian businessman. The original name was then changed in 1824 in Port Stanley, after the third Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Edward George Geoffrey Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby. But if this sound interesting already, wait until you hear the history of the Hopkins Casino, in this mesmerizing location.

The casino was established by James H. Hopkins at the beginning of the 20th century, and for more than thirty years, he was the owner of the well-respected and highly acclaimed entertainment location. The Hopkins Casino knew its real success in 1923, when H. Hopkins hired the Lombardo Brothers as house orchestra for the establishment. Guy Lombardo was a Canadian-American born musician. He was born in 1912 and was extremely popular for his unique approach on New Year’s Eve parties in the era. In the short period in which the band played for the Hopkins Casino, the casino knew its best years. However, shortly, Lombardo decided to take a chance and test the American entertainment market. So, he and his Royal Orchestra ended their collaboration with the popular establishment.

In 2017, the Hopkins Casino no longer exists, but tourists can enjoy other attractions, as the location is at its touristic peak. From beaches, to the Port Stanley Railway and the impressive scenery, many seem to think that in Port Stanley, there is something for everybody. Plus, the annual and seasonal events bring an increased influx or tourist, which makes the tranquil area livelier. In 2017, tourists have plenty of things to do in Port Stanley. Sure, they can’t gamble here today, unless they do it online – there are many attractive Canadian sources on the web. If you are looking for some, try out the Valley Games article top 5 best Canadian online casino and use their handy tips and reviews. Read More